Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lock Up

Hard hit by the Manchester-Farrant Feud recession, it's inevitable that some blogs have downsized or closed their doors. We shall follow suit. I don't have to tell you that the rapid rise in advert sales in Fall 2009 put us over the top for a time. Bloated with profits from sponsor deals, we bought a shiny new Jaguar XJ, leased a posh Hyde Park mansion, and purchased Tiffany bracelets for each of our mistresses. And then, the bubble burst. Solicitors from Bournemouth arrived at our door bearing claims of intellectual property theft. Sponsors were harassed. Cash flow dwindled, then ceased. Well, no sense miaowing over spilt milk, eh? Some say The Cat's Miaow represents a rich repository of satire, artwork, and, more importantly -- actual dialogue between the two camps -- that some Feud scholars would give their right arm to study. So the usual exhortations apply: archive any material you wish to save before it eventually, over time, disappears. But what won't disappear is our marvelous cast of humourous characters: David, Bonky, Puddin', Barbara, Gareth, Hoggy, Craig...and of course, the Highgate Vampire. I have a funny feeling you'll be seeing them all again.